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Canal Winchester Joint Recreation District Code of Conduct

All participants in CWJRD programs must abide by the Code of Conduct for this organization. The Code of Conduct applies not only to participants, but also to any volunteer acting on behalf of the CWJRD and parents attending CWJRD events. The following list is meant as a guideline for the general conduct, and does not attempt to be all-inclusive of every conduct violation. The CWJRD Board reserves the right to assess penalties and/or suspensions for actions that are not listed, but are considered by a consensus to be in violation of proper conduct.

The following conduct will not be tolerated when participating in CWJRD activities:

• Foul language or obscene gestures

• Mental abuse - which includes yelling at, threatening, making insulting or negative remarks (directly or indirectly) towards another player, coach, official or spectator.

• Physical abuse – includes pushing, fighting, or obsessive contact.

• Use of alcohol, tobacco, or any illegal substance.

• Intentionally damaging any equipment or property.

• Social media posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, or any other social media website disclosing confidential information about our participants, officials, coaches or spectators negatively; or pictures regarding any aspect of the Youth sport and comments that are posted that can be construed as harassment or bullying will not be tolerated.


The following conduct is expected when participating in CWJRD activities:

• Wear proper apparel or uniform to all practices and games.

• Talk to coaches, officials, and spectators with respect, and address them by their appropriate title.

• Display sportsmanlike conduct always – before, during and after games/practices. Coaches and Volunteers for CWJRD are role models for the youth that participate in our activities. Therefore, we expect an even higher level of conduct from them. Not only should they be modeling the Code of Conduct for participants, but should also be teaching the Code to the participants.


Violation of the Code of Conduct, or displaying unsportsmanlike conduct, may result in disciplinary action by the CWJRD Board, up to and including removal from the coaching or volunteer position. Parents and Spectators must also abide by the code of conduct wen attending CWJRD activities. Violations of the Code of Conduct can result in the parent or spectator being removed from the activity, and/or suspended from attending future activities, subject to the penalties listed below. The CWJRD Board will review each violation and take the action that is warranted in its discretion.

The following minimum penalties constitute a general guideline, but the Board reserves the right to modify the penalties listed above, depending on the violation and the situation in which the violation occurred:

• Warning – The 1st violation of any of the Code of Conduct listed above, except making threatening remarks or physical abuse, which automatically results in a stiffer penalty.

• One-week suspension – The 2 nd violation of any of the Code of Conduct listed above

• One-year suspension – Any form of physical abuse listed in the Code of Conduct violations.

• Permanent suspension from CWJRD – Repeat physical abuse.

The Commissioner of each sport is responsible for reporting all violations of the Code of Conduct to the Recreation Director who will report to Board. The Code of Conduct Incident Report Form will be used to document violations. However, the absence of an Incident Report form will not excuse inappropriate conduct, nor lessen the penalty. The Commissioner is also authorized to take immediate action and assess penalties at the time of the conduct violation, based on his/her judgement of the situation. The penalties can range from a warning to ejection from the CWJRD event. Suspensions can not be assessed by the Commissioner, and can only by the CWJRD Board, after review of the violation.

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